Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the items damaged or broken?
  • A: All open box items are in perfect condition, like new. If you receive a damaged product we will send another one upon request.
  • Q: Why are they cheaper than the regular items?
  • A: There are a number of reasons these items are less expensive than the regular items sold. They may have been returned, the original packaging may have  been damaged, or they may have been displayed in our showroom.
  • Q: What’s done to ensure the item is like new?
  • A: We have a team of experts who hand inspect each item before it is shipped for quality control and to ensure there is no damage that may have resulted from mishandling.
  • Q: What is the return policy?
  • A: The open box items have the standard Godinger return policy. Click here for details
  • Q: Is there a quantity limit?
  • A: There is no quantity limit on products as long as they are in stock.
  • Q: Can open box items be personalized or gift wrapped?
  • A: Any open boxed item that is able to have engravings on it can receive personalization. We do not offer gift wrapping at this time.
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